Kahite Pickleball

You must be a Recreation Department member or buy individual (daily) Recreation passes to play on the Wellness Center and Kahite pickleball courts.  You are encouraged to join the Tellico Village Pickleball Club (TVPBC) annually.  Without the club membership, you can only play during the OTR (Open To Reserve) times or Open Play All Levels on the playing calendar.

Access tvpbc-gameon.org for all information regarding pickleball instruction, rating levels, playing schedules, club membership, skills and drills, etc.  

Play is scheduled in two-hour sessions.  To reserve one of the OTR sessions, go to  schedulepoa.com.  In Kahite, we have set up sessions several times a week designated as Open Play All Levels.  (See overall schedule here. Look for Courts 13-16 (Kahite)) You do not have to be rated to play at these times, be a club member nor do you need to sign up for them.  Just show up at the Open Play time.  You will need to bring your own paddle though balls are provided at the courts.

If you would like an introduction to pickleball and are not sure whether you want to commit to the sport yet, please contact Carol S. Johnson.   There are many Kahite players who would be happy to give you a primer in pickleball and can loan a paddle for you to use initially.

A new public pickleball court, open to all Monroe County residents, is also available in Kefauver Park, Madisonville.